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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Prickly Porcupine

We found a new, prickly friend in Colorado.  He is a rodent called a porcupine.  Porcupines get a lot of respect.  They can hurt!

Porcupines are covered in over 30,00 sharp quills.  The longest quills are on their tails and rear.  When a porcupine feels danger, he swishes his tail and tenses up his body.  The quills become loose.  If the porcupine's enemy comes too close, the quills stick into his skin.

These quills hurt.  They are sharper than a needle and barbed at the end.  When the quills stick into skin, the barbs make the quills hard to remove.  I have seen photos of dogs covered in porcupine quills.  Ouch!!!

Porcupines are about the size of a beaver.  They like to live in the forest.  They are very peaceful animals and will run away if they can.  Just don't get too close if you see one!

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