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Friday, October 30, 2009

Catwalk -- Whitewater Trail #207

Today we hiked the Catwalk near Glenwood, New Mexico. This spectacular hike begins at the mouth of a canyon. Chains of catwalks, bridges, and stairways teeter above Whitewater Creek. As you walk across the catwalks, you can see the rocks and river far below.

Most of the canyon stayed in shadow during our hike. Green and gold leaves littered the trail. The white bark of Arizona sycamore trees looked like skeletons against the canyon wall. Huge cottonwood trees grew from toeholds in the rock by the river. I took several swims in the chilly water.

This canyon formed over millions of years. The flowing water carved through the volcanic rock. The canyon walls will continue to deepen as long as the river flows.

Mom says that I am the bravest dog that she knows. Very few dogs will walk across a catwalk that towers thirty feet over a raging river. I admit that it was scary in some places. I dropped my hind end and spread my toes to slink over the grating above the river. But I am brave! I even walked across the swinging bridge!

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