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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Gecko Friend

My gecko friend is really an interesting creature. He has no eyelids. His skin is so clear that you can see his innards. Somehow, he sticks to the walls when he walks. And he barks when he's mad.

Mostly, I like his tail. A couple of weeks ago, he lost it. Somebody tried to eat him and grabbed him by the tail. His tail broke off. Mom and I found it on the porch. It was still wiggling. When his tail broke off, our gecko ran away from his predator.

After a few weeks, the gecko's tail grew back. My tail won't do that!

The Mediterranean Gecko is not native to Texas. His friends got here by stowing in a cargo ship. Now these geckos lives in Texas, Arizona, and in many southern states.

Mom likes to have them visit. Geckos eat nasty bugs like cockroaches.

To learn more about geckos, check out this book from your local library: Geckos (World of Reptiles), by Sally Velthaus.

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