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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bear Sighting

We had another long day of travel. Just before we entered Glacier National Park, we saw our first bear!

He ran across the road in front of us. Then he scurried up a steep mountain face.

Mom was able to get this picture of him just as he made the top of the mountain. He looked over his shoulder to see if anyone was chasing him. It was wonderful to see such a magnificent creature!

We will camp here for two nights before we start traveling again. I am ready for a rest and some exercise.

Before we set up camp, the park ranger came to talk to us. He said that a bear has visited our campground. He said that we must be extra careful. We must put all of our food in a special storage container.

The ranger said that we must be most careful when I eat. Bears really like dog food. If I drop even a little bit of food on the ground, Mom and Dad have to scoop up the food and any dirt around it and throw it in the special bear-proof trash cans.

It is very important not to feed the bears. The rangers say, "A fed bear is a dead bear."

If bears begin to eat human food, they may lose their fear of humans. If they become a danger, the bear may be killed. We must take care of the bears!

Would you like to learn more about bears and how to be safe around bears? Just go to this fun activity at http://www.wildlife.alaska.gov/education/kids/bearawarecoloring.pdf

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