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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

We Need Rain!

I am a water dog.  I love water.  I like to swim.  I like to play in the rain.  I even like to take a bath!  

Here's a picture of me after a swim that I took in Alaska.  I am very happy!  

When we were in Alaska last year, they had the most rainy days on record.  It rained every day for 31 days!

Now, Texas is having just the opposite problem.  We need rain!  March was our driest on record.  We only received .67 inches of rain.  Normally we get 3.36 inches in March.  April isn't looking any better.  In fact, we haven't had a good rain since January!

When it doesn't rain, it is called a dry spell.  When the dry spell lasts a long time, it is called a drought.  

Droughts are hard on animals.  Creeks and ponds dry up so animals can't find a drink of water.   It is also hard for them to find food because plants don't grow without water.  

Without rain, farmers can't grow crops.  Trees get sick.  Grass dies.  When plants get dry, they catch fire quickly.  

Everybody must help by saving water.  

How do we save water?  Mom and Dad take quick showers. They don't let water run unless they are using it.  We never run the dishwasher or washing machine unless they are full.  

They also don't give me a bath very often.  We need some rain!

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