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Monday, June 6, 2011

Road Trip!

This coming weekend we are going camping.  I am very happy.  We will be camping with two of my favorite people in the whole world, Alex and Derek.  Alex and I are the same age.  Derek is just two years older.

We are going to sleep in our little camper.  We are going to go fishing in our canoe.  I know that Alex and Derek will also play ball with me.  It will be so much fun!

Since it is already very hot in Texas, Mom and Dad want to make sure that I am safe when we camp.  I have a very heavy fur coat.  We must be careful that I don't get too hot.

They will bring my blow-up swimming pool.  Sometimes they even put ice in the water to keep me cool.  The ice makes me cool down fast!

If it is too hot at night, they put an ice pack on my tummy to help me cool down when we sleep.
They have a special pouch that they fill with ice.  They put the ice pack on my belly because that is where my fur is the most thin.

I need to drink lots of water when it is hot.  So Mom and Dad pack a big jug of water just for me.  They bring my food, my bed, and a toy for me.  They also bring my leash.  When we go to parks, I must always be on my leash.

They also make sure that I am safe when we travel.

When I ride in the car, I wear a safety belt.  A dog seat belt is different than people seat belts.  I wear a special harness.  Then Mom clips my harness to the seat belt.

Cars get very hot in the sun, so Mom and Dad never leave me in the car alone.  If we drive a long time, they stop every few hours so I can get out and stretch.

Do you travel with your dog or cat?  Here are some great activities to help you learn more about traveling safely with your pet:

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