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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Feeling Better

Roxanne in her new no-skid booties.

Dear Friends,  Wow!  It has been a long time since I posted.  I want to tell you why.  I hurt myself while we were on our vacation this year.  I ran down some slippery stairs.  I made a fast turn and did the splits with my back legs.  Ouch!!!

Since we came back home, I have had trouble walking.  It hurts when I stand.  It hurts when I sit.  It hurts when I lay down.

I have been very sad because I can't do all the things that I want to do.  Mom and Dad have been very worried about me.

Mom took me to my veterinarian (or "vet").  A vet is a doctor for animals.  My vet said that I needed to do some special exercises.  He said that I needed to get strong again.

He also said that I needed to work.  I am a therapy dog and working makes me happy.

Because my back feet keep slipping out from under me, Mom found some new booties for me to wear.  They are red!  I wear them on my back feet.  They have special bottoms.  They keep my feet from slipping when I walk on tile and wood floors.

Last week Mom put my service jacket on me.  She took me to visit a group of twelve young people who were very sad.  They loved on me, and I loved on them!  When our time was up, we all felt much happier.  I will go to see them again today.  I know we will have fun together.

Mom is also helping me to do some special exercises.  She is taking me for short walks.  We walk once in the morning and once in the evening.  We use to go for one long walk every day, but I think that I'm beginning to like taking two short walks!

When we get home from our evening walk, Mom rubs my hips.  Then she gently stretches my legs.  I am beginning to feel much better and much stronger.

Mom is also helping me to keep mentally active.  Here is a video of me playing with two of my puzzles.  I find the hidden treats.  With one puzzle, I have to move the puzzle pieces to find the treats.  The other puzzle is a ball with treats inside.  When I roll it down the hallway, treats fall out of it.  Have you ever played "hide the treat" with your dog?  It's a great game!

Do you have a dog who needs to get healthy?  Maybe you want to keep your dog active.  Here are some great sites to help you.  Just click on the links below to learn more!

These websites give some great exercises to keep your dog fit:

This website will help if your dog is overweight:  

This website has great ideas to keep your dog active... even on a rainy day:


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