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Saturday, November 23, 2013

That Feels SO GOOD!

Have you ever rubbed your pet's back?  It feels SO GOOD!

When you rub your pet's muscles in a special way, it is called massage.  When you massage your pet, it helps them to feel better.  If your pet is sick, a massage can help your pet to get better more quickly.  Massage helps improve blood flow in your pet's body.  It can help your older pet with stiff joints and soreness.

Every few days, Mom gives me a massage.  She rubs my shoulder muscles.  She rubs my hips.  She rubs the muscles in my back legs.

Theses massages help me a lot.  I feel better now.  I can even walk further.

Massage can help your pet if he is scared.  It can help your pet warm up for exercise.  It can help your pet feel more loved.

Do you massage your pet?  If you would like to learn how, here are two great sites that show you how to massage your pet at home:

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