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Monday, March 17, 2014

Nature Detective

Missy, the Nature Detective
We wanted to help Missy learn more about Texas animals, so we decided to have an adventure.  We became nature detectives!

We began looking for animal signs.  We took a walk and looked closely at the path.  Near a muddy bank, we saw deer tracks and raccoon tracks.  

We looked high and saw a squirrel’s nest.  We passed a pond and saw turtles sunning themselves. We found a bird feather.  We heard buzzing and discovered bees in the cherry laurel flowers.  

Have you ever become a nature detective?  Missy thought it was great fun!  

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You can also check this great book out from your library: 
  • Animal Tracks and Signs:  Track over 40 Animals from Big Cats to Backyard Birds by Jinny Johnson.

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