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Friday, January 8, 2010

Feeding Wildlife

This morning, we put out food for our squirrel friends. Within minutes, this squirrel came down to eat. He was really hungry!

Our yard has lots of plants with berries and nuts for the squirrels to eat. But when the weather gets really cold, we set out extra food. We have a special winter mix for small wildlife. We give them sunflower seeds, peanuts, corn, and squash seeds.

We don't feed our wildlife during warm weather. We want to keep wildlife wild!

Is it safe for us to feed the wild animals in our area? We don't have any dangerous wildlife near our home. If we did, we certainly would not give them any food. It is especially important not to put out food in bear country. When animals become use to people food, they can become dangerous.

Should you feed the animals in your backyard? Most experts say no. If you would like to learn more about feeding wildlife, go to http://www.nrcs.usda.gov/FEATURE/backyard/pdf/wildlife.pdf.

If it is safe for you to feed the small wildlife in your yard during cold weather, please use only natural foods. Foods like bread and other people food aren't good for wildlife. Most people food doesn't have the nutritional value animals need. It also contains salt and sugar.

Would like to see more animals in your yard? Plant bushes and trees that produce nuts and berries. Give wildlife places to hide. Make sure that your yard has fresh water. Next time, I'll tell you how to make your yard a wildlife habitat.

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