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Monday, January 11, 2010

Wildlife Friendly!

Would you like to see more wildlife? It's easy! Just make your space wildlife friendly!

Animals need the same things that people need. They need water, food, and a place to live.

Any size space will work. You can hang a bird feeder outside your apartment window. You can plant trees and bushes with berries, seeds, or nuts in your yard. You can plant flowers for pollen and nectar. You can put a birdbath in your space for water.

Your family can work together to make your space wildlife friendly. It is a great school project, too! When you’re done, your space can become an official wildlife habitat with the National Wildlife Federation.

Would you like to learn more about making your yard wildlife friendly? Visit the National Wildlife Federation's website! Just go to http://www.nwf.org/Get-Outside/Outdoor-Activities/Garden-for-Wildlife/Create-a-Habitat.aspx

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