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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Welcome back!

We had a perfect day today. The weather has warmed into the 70s.

On our walk, we saw one of our favorite turtle friends. Our turtle friends have been buried in mud most of the winter. This is how turtles keep warm during cold weather.

Mom took this photo of our "Ninja" turtle friend. Her back is still covered in mud from hibernating.

We call her our "Ninja" turtle because she is a turtle that Mom saved last year. We had a lot of rain during turtle egg-laying season. Mom spied the turtle crossing a busy highway. She stopped and picked the turtle up to take her to the lake.

The turtle was not happy. She tried to crawl over the console of the truck. She was a very big turtle! Mom stopped the truck and put the turtle back on the floor board. The turtle tried to climb into Mom's lap again.

Mom knew that this turtle was scared. She also knew that turtles can bite. And she knew that driving with an unhappy turtle in the car might cause an accident.

Mom pulled over to the nearest water source. It was the creek that runs behind our neighborhood. She set the turtle free on the bank to our creek.

This was one feisty turtle! That's the reason we named her "Ninja" turtle!

If you would like to learn more about turtles, go to http://www.tpwmagazine.com/ktw/media/june-09-issue10.pdf

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