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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Alaska Cotton

While traveling through Alaska, we have seen lots of cotton on the road. It flies through the air and piles up on the ground. It looks a little like snow.

People who live in Alaska laugh when we ask what it is. They tell us that it is "Alaskan cotton."

Mom and I have done some research to try to figure out what all these fluff balls are. We found out that Alaska has two kinds of cotton.

Some of the cotton comes from black poplar trees. These trees are a member of the cottonwood tree family.

The other kind of cotton comes from a wildflower that grows in bogs and marshes. It is called cotton grass. When the pods burst open, it is filled with fluff and small seeds. The seeds are suppose to be good to eat.

Our new camper, Ozzie, has a little leak from all the rain that we have had. Dad is seam-sealing the camper today. The sealer is sticky until it dries. The Alaska cotton is sticking to the seam sealer. It looks like we'll be bringing some Alaska cotton home with us!


  1. The Cotton Grass photograph is a beauty. I really love the pictures you are taking Virginia.

  2. Hi Roxanne,
    Wondered how you liked Seldovia. Do you remember meeting us on the Ferry from Homer? Did you like your dinner at the Mad Fish? Paul and Joannie would like to hear from you in Anchorage. e-mail: