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Monday, January 27, 2014

Welcome, Missy!

Meet our new friend!  Her name is Missy.  She is a flat first grader.  A young friend of ours sent Missy to us so that she could have an adventure.  Here is a photo of Missy and me...

Flat Missy and Roxanne
Have you ever heard of the book Flat Stanley?  It was written by Jeff Brown.  The book tells the story about Stanley, a boy who was squashed by a bulletin board.  When Stanley wanted to go on a trip, his family folded him up and mailed him to California.

Our friend in Colorado read about Flat Stanley in her first grade class.  Then our friend made her own flat first grader to send to us.  She folded Missy up, stuck her in an envelope, and mailed her to us.  She wants us to write and tell her about the things Missy did and the places she went with us.

We want Missy to have all kinds of adventures.  We want our friend and her classmates to learn all about Texas and some of the wonderful things that we do here.

Today Missy learned that I am a service dog.  I told her that I help elderly people to feel better.  I also work with foster teens who are learning how to plan their future.

I told Missy that I had to train to be a service dog.  I had to learn how to do many things.  I had to learn to obey commands.  I had to learn to let other people brush my coat.  I had to learn not to be afraid of wheelchairs and walkers.  I had to learn that I couldn't play with other dogs when I was working.  After I learned all of these things, I took a special test.  (To learn more, see my post by clicking here:  I'm a Canine Good Citizen!)

We'll be posting Missy's adventures for the next few weeks.  Be sure to check back with us!

Tonight, Missy is already tucked in bed and ready to go to sleep.  She is VERY tired.  It must have been a very long trip to travel all the way from Colorado to Texas in an envelope!

Goodnight Missy!

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