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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dog Booties

My feet are feeling better today. Mom is still worried about me. We all want to hike, so Dad chose a soft forest trail. It will be a short hike, but I’m glad that we’re going!

I thought that I should write a little more about dog booties. I’m not talking about those silly things that pampered pets wear. Dog booties are for function, not high fashion.

Lots of working dogs wear booties. Sled dogs wear them to protect their paws from the snow. Rescue dogs wear them to protect their paws from hot temperatures and cuts. Police dogs wear booties at explosion sites to protect them from sharp objects. Active dogs like me wear them to protect our paws from sharp rocks, snow, or hot pavement.

My booties are made of leather. I like them because they are cool. Dogs who work in snow usually have booties that cover their whole paw. Once I get home, I’ll post a photo of me in my booties.

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