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Saturday, November 7, 2009

White Sands

Before we leave New Mexico, I want to show you a photo of me at White Sands National Monument. White Sands is a park surrounded by the San Andres Mountains. It looks like a huge beach with no water.

I have played at beaches my entire life. I love the water. White Sands is different. It has no water. It is a beach in the middle of the desert.

The sand here is different than ocean sand. The sand is called gypsum. The gypsum blows in from a dry lake bed. It also also washes down from the mountains. Over millions of years, the sand collected in this area.

When the wind blows, it makes different patterns in the sand. You can also see animal tracks. (See the second photo!)

If you want to learn more about White Sands, just go to the Kid's Fact Sheet at http://www.nps.gov/whsa/forkids/fun-facts.htm.

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