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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hot Feet

I hate to admit it, but I must be more of a city dog than I thought. The pads on my paws are swollen and hot today. They hurt when I walk on them.

After a week of hiking, my paws are stone bruised. It all started with the snow. When I walked in the snow, it balled up in the webbing of my pads. (See the picture!) My paws aren't use to being so cold and wet for so long.

Then we took the Whitewater trail hike through the rocky canyon. We walked over metal grating on the stairs and catwalks. The next day, we hiked up a rocky mesa.

We always try to walk a lot on rough ground before vacation. It helps to condition my paws. I guess we didn't do enough this year. Mom checked my paws when we got home from the trail. Now she thinks that I should spend the rest of the day on my bed. I'd rather be hiking!

We didn't bring my leather booties this year. Guess that we should have! Once we get home, I'll show you a picture of my hiking booties.

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