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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Brave Heart

Last night, NBC aired the story of Isobel during the Olympics. Isobel is a sled dog in Canada. She went blind in 2005. Her family wanted to protect her. They tried to make Isobel a house dog. But Isobel needed to run. She missed her pack.

Isobel's story is wonderful. Her family decided to let her try sledding once again. They hooked her back to a sled with her friends. Isobel was happy. She has been running sleds with her pack ever since.

Isobel has the heart of a champion. Like so many of the Olympic athletes, she had one goal. Then something terrible happened. But Isobel did not give up. She was born to run and pull a sled.

Tomorrow is the beginning of another kind of olympics. It is the olympic race for sled dogs. The Junior Iditarod race kicks off on Saturday. I can't wait!

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