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Monday, February 15, 2010

Birds, Birds, and More Birds!

Wow! We had so much fun during the Big Backyard Bird Count.

It was cold and rainy on Friday. Most of the birds stayed hunkered down. Very few birds came to our feeders.

On Saturday the skies cleared. We saw 8 kinds of birds.

Sunday was beautiful! The temperatures warmed to 68 degrees.

We saw 15 kinds of birds in our yard! We saw chickadees, robins, and jays. We saw cardinals and doves. We saw woodpeckers and finch.

Then the sun began to set. We heard birds. We heard many, many birds.

A giant flock of Cedar Waxwings landed in our gum tree. They are such elegant birds. Their bodies are the color of cinnamon. The tails and wings are gold. They have a tuft on top of their heads. They have black masks around their eyes lined in white. They come to our yard every year to eat berries from our yaupon and laurel trees.

So many birds landed that we couldn't count them all. Mom took some pictures. In one photo, we counted 91 birds!

I hope that you had lots of fun during the bird count, too. How many birds did you see?

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