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Friday, May 28, 2010

Wish Me Luck on My Test!

Saturday is a big day for me. I will take my Canine Good Citizen exam. I must pass every part of the test. Mom and I have been practicing so that I will be ready.

It is a hard test for a Golden Retriever. I must sit next to Mom when a stranger and another dog come to greet us. I cannot say hello to the stranger or the dog unless Mom tells me that it is okay. That is VERY hard for a friendly Golden!

All of the other parts of the test will be easy for me. I must sit, stay, and come when Mom tells me to. The teacher will brush my fur to make sure that I like it. (And I do!) She will pick up my feet and look in my mouth to make sure that I don't bite.

The teacher will use a wheel chair or make a loud noise to see if I am afraid. Mom will leave me with the teacher for a few minutes to see if I am calm.

I took a test like this several years ago for Critters for Christ. I took the test so that I could go into nursing homes and visit sick people. Critters for Christ is a Texas organization. I am taking the Canine Good Citizen test because it is a national organization.

I will tell you tomorrow if I pass my test. Wish me luck!

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