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Saturday, July 23, 2011

What Did We Learn from the Shuttle Missions?

Did we learn anything from the shuttle missions?  Some people ask if the money  spent on the shuttle program was worth it.

The shuttle program helped us learn many things about space travel.  It helped us build the international space station.  It has helped us learn more about our planet and universe.

Many people don’t know that America's space program has also changed our world for the better.  Because of our space program, we have learned many new things. 

Scientists have used this new information to make America's space program better.  They have also used many of these discoveries for earth.  These new discoveries are called NASA SPIN OFFS.

NASA spin offs have made our world better.  Some have made our lives more fun.  Some have made us safer.  Some have helped make people we love healthy again.  Below are just a few spin offs:
   ·   Special fire fighting suits to keep our fire fighters safer
   ·   Satellite television
   ·   Smoke detectors
   ·   Helmets to protect us when riding bikes
   ·   Invisible braces to help straighten teeth
   ·   Medical tools to help doctors know when someone is sick

If you would like to learn more about NASA spin offs, please check out these sites:
Here’s a fun online NASA game to play.  It is called Search for Spin Offs:  http://www.nasa.gov/audience/forkids/kidsclub/flash/games/levelfour/KC_Spinoffs_Hidden_Pictures.html

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