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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Why We Explore

The last shuttle flight landing.  Photo courtesy NASA.
Today Atlantis landed safely.  It landed by dawn’s early light.  Isn’t this picture beautiful?

I am sad.  This was the last flight of the shuttle spacecrafts.  The shuttles were the first crafts to go into space, come back to earth, and launch again.

For thirty years, the shuttles flew.  They carried pieces and parts to build the international space station.  The astronauts who flew on the shuttles repaired satellites like the Hubble Telescope.  They conducted many experiments that have helped humans on earth. 

Some people wonder why we explore in space. 

Some people think that it costs too much money.  Some people think that it is too dangerous.

So why do we explore space? 

People are curious.  They want to learn and see new things.  They want to learn more about our wonderful universe.  They want to learn more about our beautiful earth.  They want to make our planet and our people safer.

We have found some wonderful information for you.  We hope that you will read it so that you can decide if we should keep traveling in space. 

I know that I think that we should!   

Check out this game on NASA Kid's to find out why we explore:  http://www.nasa.gov/audience/forkids/kidsclub/flash/clubhouse/Why_Do_We_Explore.html

Here are two more sites with good information about why we explore:  

This is an activity book about launching to the moon and beyond:

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