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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Missy and the Children's Museum

Missy visits The Woodlands Children's Museum
Today Missy visited The Woodlands Children's Museum.  This museum is a special place for children to learn by play.  Missy played a lot!

The aquarium at the Children's Museum
The first thing that Missy saw was the aquarium.  It was filled with lots of beautiful fish. It reminded Missy of her visit to Galveston beach.

Al Robb's mask collection
Along one wall, she saw many beautiful masks.  The masks belong to Al Robb.  He is a world traveler.  He collected the masks from many countries.  Some masks are from Alaska.  Some masks are from Africa.  Some masks are from Europe.  Mr. Robb ran out of room in his house to show his masks.  He loaned his masks to the Children's Museum so that children could enjoy them.  

There were also many places to play at the children's museum.  Missy played in a big playhouse.

She also played with a giant light puzzle.

Then she found a castle!

It had a throne for a king and a queen.  Missy sat in the queen's chair.  A cat played the fiddle for her!

When Missy came home, she told me all about the museum.  She liked the aquarium and the masks best.  She even colored a mask for me to wear.  How do you think I look?

Roxanne wears a Barton Springs salamander mask.
If you would like to make a mask, Mom found two great Texas animal masks for you to color.  Just click here:

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