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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Opa and Omi's Farm

Missy climbs the fence at Opa and Omi's farm.
Today we took Missy to Opa and Omi's Farm.  We wanted Missy to learn all about farming.

Farming is one of the most important jobs in America.  Farmers grow our food, food for our animals, and all kinds of things that make our lives better.  Opa and Omi's farm has a pasture that is planted in a special grass.  Opa cuts the grass and dries it.  When the grass is dry, it is called hay.  Opa uses the hay to feed cattle and horses.

Opa has a big tractor.  He uses the tractor to cut the hay and do many other things on the farm.  He let Missy sit in the tractor.  I was there to help Missy climb up to the seat.

Opa's tractor
Opa also has an ATV.  ATV stands for "all terrain vehicle."  An ATV doesn't need to be driven on roads.  Opa uses his ATV to drive all over the farm.  He and Missy took a ride down to the pond on the ATV.

Missy at Omi and Opa's pond
The pond was so pretty.  We saw thousands and thousands of tadpoles living in the pond.  Soon they will all become frogs!

Opa said that one day he hopes to raise bees on his farm.  He also wants to grow a vegetable garden this spring.

Missy gets wood for the fireplace from the woodpile.
By evening, it was starting to get chilly outside.  While Omi made a delicious pot roast supper, Missy and Opa gathered wood for a fire.

We were tired after such a busy day at the farm.  After supper, Missy and I laid in front of the fireplace and fell asleep.

Have you ever been to a farm?  Here are some great activity books to show you more about farms and what farmers do:
You can also check out these great books about farming at your library:
  • Farming by Gail Gibbons
  • America at Work:  Farming by Ann Love
  • Life in a Farming Community (Learn about Rural Life) by Lizann Flatt
  • Jobs on a Farm (World of Farming) by Nancy Dickmann


  1. Wow! MISsy is having a great time with you. We wished that we could be there, too. We will read some more books about farming. Did you know that we want to make our own vegetable garden here, too? Thank you, Roxanne, for helping MISsy to the pond on the ATV. What an adventure!

  2. It was so good to hear from you... thank you for writing to us! We had so much fun visiting Omi and Opa's farm. Just wish that you could have joined us! In the next few days you should be receiving some special postcards with photos that we took just for you.

    We began planting our vegetable garden last week. The lettuce seeds are already sprouting. We should be able to plant tomatoes in the next week or two. When will you begin planting your garden?

    Please write again soon! Love, Roxanne