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Monday, February 3, 2014

Missy's Day at the Beach

Today Missy learned a wonderful lesson about Texas winters.  It may be really cold one day but the next day may be warm enough to go to the beach!

We drove about an hour south of our house to Galveston island yesterday.  The sun was shining through the clouds.  The warm wind blew.  The waves splashed on the shore.  It was a perfect day!

Missy and Roxanne making sandcastles at the beach.
Missy and I had a great time at the beach.  We made sand castles.  We ran...

Missy running on the beach.
Missy played fetch with me and tossed me my golf ball.

Roxanne and her golf ball.
The water was too cold for Missy to swim.  It wasn't too cold for me!

Roxanne in the surf.
The best part came right before we left... Missy went FLYING!  The wind gusted, and Missy was airborne.  It was amazing!  We sure were happy when she came back down to the ground!

High-flying Missy
We had a wonderful, wonderful day!

Missy is a happy girl!


  1. I really liked that they went to Galveston Island in Texas and I had lots of fun, especially flying in the air like a kite. I loved it so much! Thank you, MISsy's friend.

  2. Thank you, Roxanne, for such fun at the beach. Wished I could join and Missy!

  3. Thank you for writing to us! We're so happy that you like the posts. Missy and I are having such fun together. We have many more adventures planned, so please keep checking in with us!