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Monday, February 10, 2014

We Love Ice Cream ANY Time of Year!!!

Missy wears a Blue Bell Creameries Hat.
Today Missy learned about Blue Bell ice cream.  It may be cold outside, but it is NEVER too cold for ice cream!

The Blue Bell Creamery is over 100 years old.  Blue Bell was named after the Texas bluebell wildflower.  The company was started in 1907 in Brenham, Texas.  Brenham is located about an hour's drive north from our house.

Blue Bell ice cream is famous in Texas.  We think that it is the very best ice cream in the whole world.  The people at Blue Bell told us that they know why their ice cream tastes so good.  It is because the cows that make the milk for their ice cream think that Brenham is heaven!

Blue Bell ice cream is only sold in 19 states across America.  I feel sorry for those folks who have never been able to eat Blue Bell!

When you visit the ice cream factory, you can take a tour of the manufacturing plant.  We watched a short movie about Blue Bell Creameries.  Then we visited where they make and pack the ice cream. We watched workers pack ice cream bars.  At the end of the tour, you get a scoop of ice cream.  You can choose from over 32 flavors!  Missy chose chocolate.

Blue Bell makes old-fashioned ice cream.  It tastes GREAT!!!  This afternoon, Missy tried two of our favorite flavors... Homemade Vanilla and Peppermint.

Missy chose the vanilla ice cream.  She covered it in sprinkles and chocolate syrup.  She put a cherry on top.  She said that it was the best ice cream that she has ever tasted!

If you like ice cream, here are two pages for you to color.  Have fun!

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