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Monday, April 5, 2010

Bunny Buddies

At Easter time, many children receive bunnies as gifts. Bunnies make great pets. They are smart and fun. They live about 10 years. They can even learn to use a cat litter box to go to the bathroom!

Bunnies also take a lot of work, just like cats and dogs. You must learn to care for your bunny properly. They need special food and fresh water every day. They also need a special cage for sleeping.

Sometimes people who have bunnies decide they don't want them any more. Please find a new home for your bunny. Do not release him or her into the wild! Bunnies that are bought at the store are not the same as wild rabbits. If you release your bunny into the wild, he will not survive. Please give your bunny to someone who will take care of him.

If you cannot find someone to take care of your bunny, there are other places that will help you. An organization called Bunny Buddies rescues unwanted rabbits. Your local shelter may also take your bunny and find a good home for him.

Bunny Buddies is also a great place to adopt a bunny if you want one for a pet. They have lots of rabbits that need adoption or foster care. Talk to your folks to see if they would be willing to help you care for a bunny.

Would you like to know more about caring for bunnies? Just go to this great activity book: http://www.sandiegorabbits.org/adoption/colorbook.pdf

Another great article on caring for bunnies can be found at http://www.bunnybuddies.org/docs/rabbitcareguide.pdf

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