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Friday, April 9, 2010

Lovey Dovey

We visited some friends today. Do you remember the doves that we found building their nest? (See "Nesting Time," March 10 post.)

Momma dove introduced us to her two new babies. We took a photo of the family as she fed her chicks.

In the photo, one of the babies is poking its beak in his mother's throat. His mother is feeding him partly digested food. This food is called "pigeon's milk." Both mother and father doves feed their young.

The baby doves stay in their nest for two weeks after hatching. Their parents will feed them for two weeks more. Then the baby doves will be on their own.

Their parents will hatch as many as six broods of chicks during a season. Good luck to you and your babies, Momma Dove!

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