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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wild and Wonderful

It has been a great week. We have watched the space shuttle launch and dock with the international space station. Our astronauts made three space walks while hovering high above planet earth.

We looked to the night sky and watched Mercury disappear as it travels its orbit around the sun.

Here on earth, we have watched spring come out in all its beauty. We have tracked skunks and checked on baby doves.

Our universe is filled with so many amazing things... planets and suns and galaxies. To see some spectacular images, go to http://hubblesite.org/gallery/

Our earth is filled with amazing things, too. Each creature is wonderfully made. Each plant hides the mystery of what pushes it from a seed into a plant into a flower. (Just check out this photo of the bloom on our Amaryllis bulb!)

Isn't it wonderful that we have the chance to observe and discover? Do you ever wonder why? Check out this great DVD from your library: The Privileged Planet by Illustra Media.

Next week we will look closely at some of these amazing things. Would you like to get a head start? To learn more about wacky and wild animals (not including me!), go to this fun activity at

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