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Monday, April 12, 2010

I Want To Hold Your Hand!

Our shuttle astronauts will make three space walks during this mission. They will have help from the robotic arms and hands on the shuttle and the space station.

Robots are important helpers for astronauts. Robots are used to inspect the shuttle's heat shield for damage from lift off. Robots help move cargo from the shuttle to the space station. Robots help the astronauts move from one side of the space station to the other.

For more information about the space station's robotic arms, go to http://virtualastronaut.tietronix.com/teacherportal/pdfs/Humans.and.Robots.pdf

Would you like to build a robotic hand? Just go to http://www.visitroboworld.com/visitroboworld/lessons/LP_7to9/Hold_Your_Hand_NASA.pdf

You can also check out these great books from your library:
Robots (Technology All Around Us) by Clive Gifford
Robot Inventor's Workshop: An Explorer's Kit by Greg Vogt
Robot (DK Eyewitness Book) by Roger Bridgman

Have fun!

Photo courtesy NASA.

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