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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Today the shuttle astronauts completed their third space walk of the STS-131 mission. It must be exciting to float in space!

The astronauts bolted the new ammonia tank to the space station. NASA reported that this was the final STS-131 spacewalk.

Over the years, U.S. astronauts have completed 236 spacewalks. They have taken 143 spacewalks to build and maintain the International Space Station. These spacewalks have totaled 893 hours and 33 minutes in space!

When astronauts walk in space, they wear special suits. These suits are called extravehicular mobility units (EVAs). We usually just call them spacesuits.

The spacesuits are made of many layers to protect the astronauts from extreme temperatures. The layers also provide pressure and oxygen. Each suit comes with a backpack that supplies oxygen, cooling water, electrical power, and radio communications.

To learn more about spacewalking and spacesuits, go to http://www.nasa.gov/pdf/143351main_Build.It.With.Spacewalks.pdf

Photo courtesy NASA.

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